It’s time to school yourself on the basics of molecular cocktail making – and who better to teach you than the ‘meth’ makers at Heisenbar.

Heisenbar will send Breaking Bad fans and cocktail lovers into a frenzy! Upon arriving at our (not so secret) location on Milk Street, guests will be whisked away into a scene straight out of the award winning series.

Pick your lab partner and make sure you’re at the front of the class on our custom made RV for our interactive cocktail masterclass with award winning mixologist Rob Wood.

There’s no better way to ease your come down than a double science lesson with a SIX course cocktail menu and food dish thrown in. 

Each guest will build their first cocktail ‘Welcome to New Mexico’ which will be served with Los Pollos Hermanos. Once familiarised with their surroundings, guests begin to experiment to achieve the illusive Blue Sky, eventually perfecting the recipe on the second attempt.

Once you have ‘cooked up’ your first FIVE cocktails you then relax at the breakfast table with Walter Jr. for their fifth and final cocktail.

There WILL be plenty of surprises on board! Just be careful though, you never know when Hank might turn up!

At just £40 per head, you don’t need to be Isaac Newton to understand that this is a good deal.